“Spirit in the Skye”
Skye is one of the most affectionate, calm German Shepherds I have ever owned. 
Her main goal in life is to convince you to give her non-stop belly rubs and she 
will keep inching closer until you give in. Her coat is long and silky with 
little undercoat (very easy brushing!) and is a rich shade of reds. It is listed 
as mahogany on her AKC/CKC registration. Skye earned her CGC (Canine Good 
Citizen) at 7 months and continues her obedience training all year. She wasn’t 
too fond of agility and just didn’t see the point of jumping over things and 
going through tunnels when getting petted was much more enjoyable. She LOVES 
water and as a pup found every puddle, water bucket and bird bath to play in. 
She still tries to stand in a bucket of water if it’s available. Skye would 
rather play with her owners than with the other dogs in our family. If we’re not 
available, she can often be seen by herself tossing toys (even small rocks when 
she can’t find a toy) into the air and catching them or chasing them as they 
roll down the hill. She loves children and will snuggle up to them for petting 
(and belly rubs!) and she is ecstatic if you are on the floor with her. Skye is 
as easy going as they come. 

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