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Reba has become the clown of the pack, always looking for something to do, as long as its fun.
She has exceptional eye contact and rarely takes her eyes off of you, waiting for your instructions.
She LOVES obedience training and is always anxious to learn something new.
Reba is the type of GSD that will offer every trick or command she’s learned in the hopes of earning a treat.
She will retrieve her ball all day long and will keep dropping it at your feet until you give in and throw it or lock it up! In the house, it will take her a few minutes to settle down (because she’s STILL hoping you will do something to entertain her!), but then drops at your feet sound asleep.
When there is a litter of puppies here, I often will employ Reba as my babysitter. She loves the pups and simply lies down and lets them jump and crawl (and bite) all over her.
She has matured into a gorgeous dog with deep red highlights and weighs close to 80+ pounds. She is an absolute joy to be around!

Reba’s Sire
Reba’s Dam
Reba’s dam Reba’s sire
Aunt Reba playing with Skye’s puppies

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