Ola is our newest addition to Spirit Shepherds.  She is an 8 week old black
and sable long coat with beautiful markings that will change dramatically as
she matures.  She has a sweet and loyal temperament, following me around the
house and yard and resting between my feet.  Ola craves attention and loves any
and all petting as often as she can get it.  She is very playful and tries to play with
several toys all at once, which doesn’t really work very well because she can never
make up her mind which toy she wants.  But, it does keep her busy!!
Keep watching for her monthly photos…you’ll be amazed how much she changes.

Ola 8 weeks

3 Months
3 months

5 Months



Ola passed her AKC Star Puppy test!!!

6 Months


10 months

Ola’s 10 month update

Ola is definitely the party girl of the pack here at Spirit Shepherds! She loves to have everyone chase her around the yard for the pure joy of running. She will play with every one of the 9 dogs here, along with all the dogs that come for play groups here. She accepts everybody as her friend. Her favorite game to play with humans is the Chuck-It ball, which she will retrieve as long as you can throw it. Her BFF is a chocolate lab named Molly. When they play together both usually end up wet and muddy from every puddle they can find, but happy beyond words. Ola achieved her Canine Good Citizen title at 8 months, started puppy agility and continues her obedience training every week. Her coat color is still changing, but is very thick and long. She has amazing eye contact, usually with her head cocked and a twinkle in her eye trying to anticipate what’s next. Ola is maturing into an outstanding female with a wonderful, playful temperament. She will even try to engage little puppies by bringing them her toys. We are looking forward to seeing her puppies with Beau in another 14 months….wish it was sooner!



OLA 18 months

Ola has matured into an outstanding girl! She has not lost her wonderful playful nature and willingness to please. She enjoys life to the fullest and brings that attitude to everyone she meets and everywhere she goes. And if there’s water involved…look out !…all the more fun to have…..anyone standing nearby will be soaked! Ola has the unique ability to accurately read another dog’s body language and reacts appropriately, whether it’s a shy, nervous, frightened or reactive dog. She will adjust her play style to meet the needs of whatever dog or puppy she’s meeting. She simply knows what to do to make the other dog feel comfortable. Her new nickname is Miss Congeniality, but she’s still a Party Girl!!! Ola’s level of obedience is a joy for her handlers. She has the fastest recall of any dog here….to the point of almost knocking you over when she reaches your feet. We are so pleased with her good natured approach to everybody and everything that we will most likely keep one of her future puppies to carry on her cheerful outlook. I always end up smiling when I watch Ola enjoying life at 110%!

Ola's Past Puppies

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