Purchasing a puppy is an important decision.  Please make sure you are willing and able to provide one of our puppies the best life possible as an important member of your family before you purchase one. Raising a puppy to adulthood takes a great deal of time and effort, as well as money, on everyone’s part.  It is easily a 10 year commitment.  We reserve the right to decline any sale at any point if we feel our puppy will not receive the best of care in its new home.  Breeder also reserves the right to a first pick of either gender in any litter.                                                               

The total cost of a puppy from any litter is $2800.00.  If you have already placed a deposit, the price of the puppy will remain what it was on the date the deposit was received. A deposit of $250.00 is required to reserve a puppy.  Puppies are reserved in the order deposits are received, according to gender.  Deposits are non-refundable, but may be transferred to an alternate litter, unless that litter is already reserved. We will refund a deposit if we are unable to provide a puppy at all from any litter.  We also have a “no obligation” waiting list for future litters.  Although not ideal, we do ship puppies at an additional cost. We do not ship by air, however we do have several reliable pet transport companies available.

All of our puppies will have a Limited AKC and/or CKC registration, unless otherwise noted.
Any and all available testing has been done prior to breeding to ensure a healthy pet.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to maintain a healthy pet through proper diet, exercise and regular veterinary check-ups.

Puppies will be wormed every 2 weeks from birth to 8 weeks.
All age appropriate vaccinations will be also be given.
Our puppies are fed a raw diet based on a combination of the Prey diet and the B.A.R.F diet.
I also introduce the puppies to kibble so that buyers have a choice as to how they want to continue their feeding program.

Our puppies begin their socialization process at 3 days old.  They are handled daily, from nose to tail, and are encouraged to figure things out for themselves…please see our KENNEL  ENRICHMENT page for details.  Our goal is to raise puppies that are confident, evenly balanced and friendly.

Buyers are required to choose their puppy by 6 weeks of age. Once the buyer has chosen his/her puppy, payment must be made in full before the pick up or ship day.  Checks and money orders must clear before a puppy is picked up, sometimes taking 2 weeks, so plan accordingly. If you purchased a puppy and are unable to pick it up after the 9th week, there is a $35 per day boarding fee.

This page may be periodically updated, so please check back for any additions or deletions.

We are ALWAYS available to help with any questions concerning your new puppy and would be happy to share our knowledge acquired from over 30 years of living with and training these wonderful dogs. 

Most of all, we hope you enjoy and treasure your time with your new Longcoat German Shepherd puppy! 

Spirit Shepherds
Carolyn McKee

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