Beau vom Penetanguishene

Beau is the current sire to our ladies. He shares his home and love with our 
friend in Canada. He is an exceptional male who earned his CGC (AKC Canine Good 
Citizen) title at 6 months, the earliest of any of our dogs! He is extremely 
motivated and loves to please. Beau is not a dominant male and gets along with 
all the dogs here, male and female. Beau is wonderful in the house, content to 
fall asleep at your feet, and likes to be as close to you as possible. His 
biggest wish is to be a lap dog, but at 103 lbs it’s not easy! His coat is long, 
mostly black, tipped in shades of brown and red. We can’t walk him in public 
more than a few feet without people stopping to take pictures and before long we 
are surrounded in a crowd. He absolutely loves the attention. 
Outside, he loves to chase blowing leaves, pine cones, chunks of ice, etc. and 
often brings them to me for.......who knows what? But, it makes him happy and 
he’s very proud of the pile he makes. Beau also loves to retrieve, always a good 
sign in a dog. He especially likes to retrieve objects someone has dropped and 
will very gently hand them to me for safe keeping. We have a stockpile of 
gloves, hats, and scarves that Beau decided should not be left on the floor. 
Sometimes this can be embarrassing in a store when someone, usually a child, 
drops something and a parent approaches us and politely asks for their item 
back! We are looking forward to many great litters from this easy going guy! 


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