Leah bounced into our pack 2 days ago. She is an adorable 8 week old long coat with beautiful markings and a temperament to match. She already responds immediately to my voice and follows me from room to room hoping I will sit for a minute!
Watch for updates on this outstanding addition to our kennel. You'll be able to watch her grow and mature into a stunning young female. Her coat will change as she gets older. As it lengthens, the colors will deepen throughout the 2 years it will take her to reach maturity.

2 Months
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6 Month Update
Leah earned her AKC Star Puppy Certificate last month! She is maturing into a very evenly balanced dog. She loves her play dates with other puppy friends as well as her obedience classes and puppy agility practice. She is excellent in the house and will lie at my feet asleep, until I get up, at which point she’ll follow me to wherever I’m headed. Leah is an acute observer of our daily routines and learns very quickly. She is one of the smartest pups I’ve owned. Everyone loves her and she loves everyone! We are looking forward to watching her grow and develop into an outstanding addition to our kennel.


7                                                                                    8.5

7 mo







Leah, at 18 months, has matured into a wonderful girl!
She is beyond gentle with everything she comes into contact with….her toys, her humans, dog friends, food, etc. She has a very soft expression and loves to be cuddled. She also has limitless patience with the puppies here, which is no small feat when there are 10 or more bouncing all over her! Leah is always at my side, both in the house and outside for walks. We were so impressed with her demeanor and temperament that we decided to add her half sister, Bindi, to our program here at Spirit Shepherds.
Leah’s Past Puppies
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